Giving LinkedIn Another Chance

visual-guidelinesAs political tensions and fake news are getting more prevalent on Facebook a lot of people are unfriending people right and left. Some are temporarily or even permanently stepping back from Facebook. When you consider your frustrations over “friendships” with people who try to deceive you or think you’re an idiot, it seems obvious that cleaning house is a good idea.

If it works for Facebook, could it work for LinkedIn? I’ve beaten up on LinkedIn a lot. I used to be a big fan of LinkedIn. I got business from it. I made a lot of connections. Sadly, over time LinkedIn seemed more like a numbers game. People were out to remake phone books, rather than deep connections. And many connections that you’d make were people who would immediately hit you with a hard sell or add you to their newsletter that you never signed up for.

What would happen if I went through LinkedIn and cut connections like crazy, and then went deep with the ones remaining? If I got to know LinkedIn again. Will it work for me?

Let’s find out.


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