LinkedIn: What are Channels and Influencers?

transparent-Linkedin-logo-iconYou may have noticed LinkedIn has been making changes to be more of a content network. This is understandable since of all social networks, getting involved in LinkedIn can be trickiest. In many ways the purpose of LinkedIn seems to be to post your resume and leave it for recruiters to find. But LinkedIn can be a powerful way to network as well.

LinkedIn has tried various ways to get people involved over the years. It’s latest big push has been with influencers. Influencers are big names in industry and you can read their blog posts to get insight. I personally have not been a big fan of influencers because it has not seemed interactive to me, and I feel strongly that social network should be social – meaning two way communications. Eventually LinkedIn has said they want to allow everyone to blog the same way influencers do. They’ve been rolling out invitations to people and allowing people to apply. I was invited and I posted a couple of things on my LinkedIn blog. Engagement has been high. I suggest you look into it.

Channels are another new introduction from LinkedIn. Channels are a way of finding high quality content on particular topics. The content for channels comes from influencers and third-party sources. Some people have wondered how the quality blogs will rise above all of the others when everyone is allowed to blog on ┬áLinkedIn. Channels will likely be the solution to this issue. If they’re meant to make the most compelling content rise to the top of the reading list there are likely algorithms that would choose which blog posts and blogs will be found.

It’s not always easy to stay interested in LinkedIn. In some ways it’s not as interesting as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or others. ┬áBut it arguably produces more revenue generating leads than any other social network.


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