Blocking People on Twitter

lock-and-key-367696_640If you find some people obnoxious or offensive on Twitter, you don’t have to just ignore them and move on. If you want to, you can block them. That will prevent them from following you, and you won’t see their content anywhere.

I’m a big fan of blocking. Some people see Twitter as a massive pile of obscenities, automation and rudeness. I enjoy Twitter, and would like to enjoy Twitter without all of the porn, spam and rudeness. By blocking people I avoid a lot of the nonsense I’d otherwise by buried in.

It’s now possible to Import and Export block lists. Meaning we can share our lists. And that’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to share my block list, updating it regularly, and if you’d like you can download it and Import it.

It’s not a perfect list, and I’m not a perfect person. I’ve missed a lot of people I should block. I may have blocked people you’d like to not block. You can edit your list as you see fit, so after importing, you may want to scan through it.

To see who you’ve blocked and get at the Import/Export options go here. Import and Export are under Advanced Options.

Here’s my list.


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