Deeper Connections Through Twitter

Loren Sztajer  Taken on February 18, 2014 Some rights reserved

Loren Sztajer
Taken on February 18, 2014
Some rights reserved

Twitter is a great place to get into conversations. Sometimes it seems more about what you’re saying than who you’re talking to. Focus on specific people to get through this and deepen the connection with people┬áby following the these steps.

  • Make sure I can see your first name in your user name or bio. Hard to say hello when I don’t know what to call you.
  • Say things. Don’t just point to articles or lurk and connect. Share a bit. About work, what you’re doing, trying to figure out.
  • Don’t be strictly professional. Twitter isn’t the Dear Sir or Ma’am social network. Tell us about fun things you’re up to. Mention silly happenings. It makes you human and approachable.
  • Listen. Find interesting people, communities and discussions and read before you jump in. Favorite, retweet and comment, but get a feel before trying to introduce topics.
  • Make lists. It’s easier to see what people you’re trying to engage with are doing when that’s all you’re seeing.
  • Engage specifically, personally, repeatedly. Pick people you want to get to know. Participate in Twitter chats with them and say hello and see what they have to say. Look at what they’re tweeting a few times a day and reply if you have something to say.
Once you know each other on Twitter branch out and connect elsewhere. This will deepen a relationship.


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