How to use Reddit to drive traffic

redditLooking through Google Analytics I’ve seen Reddit is a powerful driver of traffic with even minimal effort. Don’t assume it’s only for tech stuff. Tons of content on a variety of subjects flows through it. You can’t just dump links there and expect them to produce traffic, but it doesn’t take huge efforts or any money to get positive results. Here’s a brief guide on how to start using it.

After registering, choose a few topics. Do this by going to My Subreddits in the upper left corner and choosing Editing Subscriptions at the bottom. You don’t have to pick a lot, just something to start with.

Next, from the homepage, click on Explore. This page will help you expand your horizons by finding topics or subreddits that are similar or related to what you already said you like. Click on Subscribe when you see subreddits that look good.

After doing ¬†all of this, when you go to the Reddit homepage and you’re logged in you’ll just see articles that relate to the subjects you’ve said you’re interested in. Read through regularly. It’s a good source for interesting content.

Comment when you know something. Vote things up or down. Don’t be a lurker, actually be a participant. This way, when you contribute content with the intention of driving traffic to it, it looks like you care about the topic, and people will look at it. Your level of activity is tracked and displayed, so don’t try to fake it.

When you have an article or blog post that you want to post, remember what you’ve read. Post links to it as you’ve seen others do on the subreddits you’re posting to. Expect discussion to take place on Reddit, not on your blog. This is a good thing. While you’d likely love all discussion to happen on your blog, that isn’t the way things work, and discussion on Reddit will get the post noticed more anyway.


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  1. jjj says:

    I’ve noticed that finding a good subreddit for a post makes a huge difference. For example, the christianblogs and Reformed subreddits are much better than the Christianity subreddit.

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