5 Reasons to ignore the ideal time to post advice

You most likely seen the statistics possibly in an info graphic of the best times to post links to your articles on social media. Here’s why you should ignore those.

  1. They are annoying. Wouldn’t the world be a better place if we never saw those statistics again? Be part of the solution not the problem.
  2. They assume there is one time zone for the entire earth. This is not so. When you post something it’s at a different time in every different time zone. And less you have a hyper local business this defeats the purpose of posting at a specific time.
  3. It’s overgeneralization. Are we to believe that there is one ideal time for all industries and all markets? Pretty sure marketing is a little more complex than that.
  4. Every time a new ideal time is posted, everyone posts at that time, people ignore the 250 notifications they get, and the ideal time changes. Don’t get lessons on how to be like everyone else.
  5. It’s dumb advice. Even if all of the other things mentioned weren’t true, this one is so dumb as to make the advice completely wrong. You can’t post your content and never promote it again! You should be promoting as often and long as possible to get it read and not annoy your audience with repetiton. If you have content that is years old but still relevant, keep promoting it.

Change up times, networks, descriptive text, whatever you can to catch the attention of people you missed before. Track when and where and how you post links and see how the different posts performed.


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