What is your time worth?

Work SessionA connection of mine that I’ve been pretty close with, done some business with, made friends from and done business with them… anyway, he recently deliberated over paying for VIP access to an event with some big name speakers. In the end, he opted to do it – to pay $1000, and from his reports it was worth it already when he attended the VIP dinner the night before and got to meet and connect with some great people.

What’s your time worth? Would people pay just to hear you, and possibly talk with you? You might think they wouldn’t, as you’re not a celebrity, but I think you might be surprised. I know a lot of truly brilliant people, and I’m pretty sure if I brought a bunch of you together and we met with a small number of people, speaking to them, discussing with them, and coming up with ideas and directions, they would pay.

What would be the take away? A firehose dose of information to jump start any business in the ways of technology, marketing, PR, content marketing, writing, community management and social media would be delivered in one days time. Sandwiches and coffee would fuel what otherwise would take months of time and ten times as much in consultants fees. Plus we could end it all with a tasty dinner with wine…

Come to think of it, I might give some of you a call.

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