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"189/365 Memories (+1)" by martinak15  Some rights reserved

“189/365 Memories (+1)” by martinak15
Some rights reserved

Last week on #B2BChat on Twitter we discussed B2B use of Pinterest. We came away with some exciting ideas on ways to market to businesses with this very visually oriented and typically consumer oriented social network.

Tonight on #B2BChat at 7pm CST we’ll be talking Instagram. We’d love to have you join if you have any expertise or interest or time to kill while you’re waiting for your tire rotation to be done.

Here are some questions we’ll discuss. More might be added as the conversation develops.

Q1: Are you currently using Instagram? Share your username if you’d like to be followed.
Q2: Are you using it to show off your business? To develop deeper connections with your business connections?
Q3: Are there any companies using Instagram really well to reach their customers? Any of them B2B?
Q4: What strategies should businesses use to connect on Instagram? What’s the goal?

Q5: How can you leverage hashtags on Instagram to promote B2Bs?

Some interesting articles:

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