The future – cold and populated with killer robots

hoth2So today I heard about two interesting things in the news.

You know the part of Antartica that melted off and fell into the ocean in The Day After Tomorrow and was the first stage in the next ice age? Well, looks like it’s going to actually fall into the ocean. But scientists assure us it won’t happen really rapidly. Kind of like the scientists in The Day After Tomorrow who assured people that things wouldn’t happen really rapidly. Net net is there’s going to be a lot more ocean and a lot less Antartica and destruction and endless winter are imminent.

Next news item is the UN is going to decide if killer robots should not be allowed. You know, if the Cyberdine systems model 101 killing machines already being developed by at least the US, UK & Israel shouldn’t exist and be used to mercilessly kill any they are pointed at. Seeing the UN’s track record for imposing their will, expect killer robots any day.

If you’re wondering what the future will be like, imagine a mashup between The Terminator and The Day After Tomorrow – a frozen wasteland dominated by autonomous killer robots.


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