9 things about you on Twitter I’m not crazy about



  1. You have the words ninja, guru or sometimes expert in your name or description. Unless you’re actually a ninja or guru. Then rock on.
  2. Calling yourself a world traveler, adventurer or something comparable. Tone it down. A lot.
  3. You feel compelled to tell us all you’re on a plane. Use of phrases like “Wheels up/down…”
  4. You’re wearing Google Glasses in your profile picture, and looking quite serious.
  5. You use TrueTwit verification. You’re not worth the trouble, trust me. Unfollow.
  6. You auto direct message me a pitch when I follow you. Slow down tiger. How about interacting with me first?
  7. You auto direct message me when I follow you a long list of other places to follow you. Come now. You’re not that interesting.
  8. You auto direct message me a question on Twitter when I follow you, but you didn’t follow back, so you can’t get the reply.
  9. To simplify, you auto direct message me on follow.


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  1. Wouldn’t it be great if Twitter warned us by adding an icon to all the accounts that use auto responders? I’m thinking of either a skull and cross bones – – or maybe Mr. Yuck from the poison control warnings.

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