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photo (5)On the weekly and very useful #SEOChat Twitter Chat this question was asked:


There were a lot of tools mentioned. I’m going to list as many here as I can. However… I think any discussion where tools are suggested quickly turns into a link fest, where people are talking about every tool they’ve ever used for anything. Some of the ones listed below do seem relevant to relationship building and management as would apply to SEO, but a lot of them don’t seem to really belong. Based on the excitement about Buzzstream, I think that’s one to check out. $79/month. CRM  $29+/month.  Helps you organize and gather information on  sites you’ll contact to link to you. Very highly endorsed on this chat. Free and up. Schedules Gmail sends. Free and up. Find out when someone opens an email you sent. Free and who knows. They won’t tell you. Enhanced Twitter that helps you build lists and find people you should follow. Free. Not sure if there’s a paid version. See lots of information on people within Gmail.  Pricing unkonwn. Find most shared links and most influential people on topics across social networks. Pricing unknown. Much easier to use way of making and reviewing lists on Twitter. Free. Find people and build lists in Twitter.$47/year. Manage your Google+ circles. Find out who isn’t following you, add people in bulk, etc. A Twitter search engine of sorts. Free while in beta. CRM that works within GMail. Schedule emails, see if they’re read, etc. Free trial, and they won’t tell you how much afterwards. Help you analyze who you follow on Twitter. Filters out “noise” so you can see what’s important. A presentation on a million tools. A spreadsheet of a million tools for all sorts of different uses.


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  1. I love the idea of Boomerang. I’ve tried it twice, but it always ends up making gmail hang or blow up on me.

  2. josh says:

    That’s definitely not good, Cindy. I wonder if it’s just too big overall to work in a browser.

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