Why I won’t follow Reason anymore, and I invite you to do the same

photo 1I’ve followed Reason magazine on Twitter & Facebook, and while I found their fixation with drug legalization a little tiring, I otherwise found it an entertaining enough read. They are a Libertarian publication. I find the idea of freedom to certainly be interesting, and limiting government something I’m willing to listen to.

What I don’t tolerate is hate, meanness of spirit or insultingly dismissing people. It’s easy to have friends who share your views. Some may even mistakingly believe that is what friendship is. Someone with a kind heart is someone willing to disagree with you and yet treat you like you deserve to live. To be friends with someone who differs in beliefs is to understand true friendship.

I don’t assume all people share my political or religious views. Or my ideas on sports or Christmas lights or wearing white after Labor Day. As Alan Greenspan said in 2008 before Congress

Well, remember that what an ideology is, is a conceptual framework with the way people deal with reality. Everyone has one. You have to — to exist, you need an ideology. The question is whether it is accurate or not.

So you’re entitled to your beliefs. But others are, as well. And there’s no reason to be mean to people who believe differently than you do. You’re under no obligation to change people’s minds, and insulting and mocking them won’t do it anyway.

Reason’s inspiration for uncivilized behavior was the recent debate over evolution and creation between Ken Ham and Bill Nye. Many atheists suggested even gracing creationists with a debate gave them legitimacy they didn’t deserve. People from both sides seem to have claimed victory.

Reason’s response was the article you see the screen shot of above, suggesting the best way to debate a creationist is to mock them. If this is their brand of freedom, a type of anarchy where people who are different are humiliated and persecuted, I’m not interested. I hope you’re not either. Go out of your way to avoid them.

In case you wonder if they’re alone, or perhaps if they have any influence, here’s a recent Facebook update from Ken Ham of the Creation Museum, who was in the debate with Bill Nye. His Facebook page is being filled with vulgarity, harassing and pornography. Regardless of who is logically correct, is this behavior we want to consider? This is rank bullying. photo 2


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