Math Standards in The Common Core

According to this article on The Heritage Foundation’s site the architect of the math portion of The Common Core, the federal standard for education that will be rolled out across the country, has said that if a student followed The Common Core they wouldn’t be prepared for a competitive college and wouldn’t be able to take calculus freshman year of college.

A friend of mine in New York, which along with Kentucky were early adopters, told me about his son’s early elementary school math experiences. They were particular and bizarre and rigid in how students must do their work. To save you all the details I’ll just tell you my friend, who has a computer science degree and is a pretty smart dude, could not do his young sons work if he wanted to. Math is one of those things that one would not expect to vary a great deal over time or place.

So kids math education will be standardized to a somewhat bizarre system that will not equip students for college.

I’m thankful home schoolers, at least in Texas, aren’t required to follow The Common Core.


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  1. josh says:

    Watch the video on this page of a mother explaining a 4th grade math problem.

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