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notebook-writing-hand-working-person-people-764659-pxhere.comJust to be clear – this isn’t supposed to be a definitive piece. I’m cleaning up files on my computer, and found this research I did on blog writing services – ghostwriting, content marketing services, what have you. I wasn’t interested in having someone write for me, so much, as interested in subscription services around web development. I was trying to figure out pricing and services for my all you can eat WordPress development service,

Here’s the info. I’ll update if you share anything useful that should be included here.
Unless otherwise noted, prices are for 500 word blogs each week
Services do not typically include uploading, SEO or pictures.
Whether the writing is done by someone with subject matter knowledge, if they’re a native English speaker, if there are any revisions, is not easy to tell. Sometimes pricing is different for different quality levels of writing. $40/wk $189/mnth ($43.62/wk) (600 words) $150/mnth (400 words) 79 British Pounds/mnth $97/mnth $89/mnth $139-$399/wk $1,950/mnth – includes weekly newsletter, social media promotion and reports $499/mnth

Different pricing methods


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