Helpful tips for people in India and elsewhere who want to seem like they are in the US

Don’t put USA in the location you claim to be at. So, say you’re in New Jersey, not New Jersey USA.

headquartered in New Jersey, USA and offshore development center in India.

Have a native English speaking American review your copy. Random capitalizations, missing articles and incorrect grammar will make people’s spidey sense tingle and they’ll change their mind about contacting you.

Are you looking for Mobile Apps Development & Android application for affordable Rate?

Hope you doing well!! I’m Emma; hope this email finds you well and reaching out to see if you need complete web solution

Currently we deal with USA UK Australia Canada and rest of European countries. 

Identify the company you work for. Not sure why you wouldn’t, but it seems super shady. I’ve gotten unrequited pitch emails from multiple companies, and they won’t identify the company. They might suggest they have an online portfolio, but they’ll send that upon request.

My name is XXX XXXX, and I work as a Marketing Executive (Mobile App Development) in an IT company

I know there are some words used in English in India that are perfectly acceptable there, but some of them don’t work in the US. Revert is one of them. In the US this might be understood, but it’s nonsense.

Kindly revert back with contact details and complete requirement, if any.


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