Own Big Data – 5 things you can do with Google Analytics you probably didn’t know you could

"Sample Analysis at Mars (SAM) Media Day" by NASA Goddard Space Flight Center  Some rights reserved

“Sample Analysis at Mars (SAM) Media Day” by NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Some rights reserved

Big Data is arguably the “new black” in the marketing world. Everyone knows there’s gold in the massive piles of data being collected by websites. The trick is mining it. There are plenty of expensive and complex methods that will let you find wonderful things, but if you’d like something easier and cheaper go for Google Analytics.

You likely already use Google Analytics, but if you’re like most people, the way you’re using it is like owning a Lamborghini and using it to store your paper towels from Costco.

OK, so you can track visits and length of time on your site, browsers and bounce rates and such. Great. Here are 5 things you probably didn’t know you could do with Google Analytics.

  1. You can track anything you like, even things in the Real World. If you figure out a way of assigning values and tracking it, you could integrate brick and mortar shopping data.
  2. Issue loyalty cards for real world shopping and you can assign the numbers from them to users on Google Analytics.
  3. Use the same loyalty card numbers as unique user IDs on your site, pass them to GA when people log in to use instead of the randomly assigned GA unique IDs, and you can track every interaction across all devices and real life shopping interactions.
  4. Want to know what colors sell best? Or authors? Did you know you can integrate that data and query it?
  5. Wish you could calculate things like the ROI of orders, calculating in costs of fuel and personnel for sales demonstrations? Use the reporting API, upload your custom data and make custom reports.

Need help implementing Google Analytics to leverage all the data you could be collecting? Contact me and we’ll help you out.


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