The Killer App for Table Top Computers

If you’ve shopped at a store that sells computers, like Bestbuy, you may have seen tabletop computers somewhere over in the corner by the desktop computers. Essentially giant tablet computers that can handle 10 fingers at a time, it’s like a TV that’s a touch computer. The whole family could play games on it, or interact with….well, whatever the computer could do. But that’s the tricky part. What can they do? Unfortunately, it seems they can’t really do anything. There aren’t any compelling apps, never mind killer apps. Shouldn’t you be able to play soccer or that harpoon game they have at Chuck E. Cheese, or something? Or how about the app that was displayed on the system that Microsoft bought way back in 2007? Organizing your photos. If you could place your camera or phone on the system and have it pull your photos and you could organize them, that would be enough. That would be the killer app. I’d buy one.


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