How not to get robbed buying a used car

If you’re looking into buying a used car particularly from a private party here are some recommendations for you on how not to get robbed. Unfortunately everything you’ll do to make sure you’re not going to get robbed will take time and possibly money but it will be worth it. I’ve learned this the hard way over the years after buying a fair number of cars some of which had some problems which I probably could have avoided. Keep in mind that in all likelihood once you buy that car that is the last time money will change chance between you and the person selling it. Another words they’re not going to give you money back if there something wrong with the car.

Carfax is an obvious first option for seeing if there’s any damage to the car. Give him some money and the Vin number will be able to look for anything it’s recorded first accidents or damage are being used as a rental for damage or anything like that.

Next answers I suggest that you get new license plates but what do you do are not call up the town the city you live in and make sure that there are no outstanding parking tickets or anything like that that’s going to follow you with the car. I had a car towed from me when I parked on the street somewhere because the previous owner had unpaid parking tickets. No bueno.

Next get a checkup pay that hundred bucks or something like that take it to the mechanic and asked them to give it a thorough looking over the train to buy a used car and have some soups anything wrong with it.

If the seller box at any of these steps assuring you that it’s fine well etc. on risk don’t think anybody who has a decent car with hesitates want to check it out they give you any server problem I can just walk away.


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