How big was the Brady’s house?

Brady-Bunch-Grid┬áToday we were talking about the way the Brady’s family in The Brady Bunch was portrayed as such a huge family. When we lived in New York families of that size were large and uncommon. Here in Texas a family of six kids wouldn’t be very surprising, and we’ve certainly seen ones a lot bigger.

I started thinking how big the Brady’s house was. I recalled that all the kids slept in 2 rooms. My wife pointed out that they had a bunch of living areas. All the same, I don’t know that their house was significantly larger than many I’ve encountered around here.

This discussion led me to search for floor plans & sq ft info of the Brady Bunch house. Here’s the floor plan.

And as a bonus here are floor plans for shows like Friends & Frazier. Frazier & Will & Grace’s apartments might inspire envy, while the one for Friends might cause major scoffing. Anyway, fun to look at.



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